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Spring 2016 - "The Good Stuff" ft. on Netflix's 'Fuller House' and ABC's 'Quantico'
Anita speaks at 2015 Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) - "TBT:15 Years of Panelists' Predictions & Innovations".
Anita speaks at 2014 Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) - "The Artist as the Brand: Licensing & Sponsorship In 2014".
Anita ft. in SharpHeels fashion blog Dressing Like The Stars along with inspirations Sofia Vergara and Eva Longoria.
Rock Mafia samples Anita's "Destapa La Felicidad" in their Happiness Remix for International Day of Happiness 2014 and mentions Anita in this interview!
Coca-Cola commissions Anita to write song for their Fall 2013 campaign 52 Songs of Happiness! Available exclusively on Spotify - check out Coca-Cola Placelists to hear "Destapa La Felicidad" by Anita Benner, featuring legendary producer Rodney 'Ale' Alejandro!
"The Good Stuff" ft. on CBS' 'The Young and the Restless' CW's 'Ringer' starring Sarah Michelle Gellar & Nickelodeon's 'Hollywood Heights' (an American adaptation of the Mexican telenovela 'Alcanzar Una Estrella'.
Anita speaks at 2012 Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) - "Licensing in 2012: Are Advertising, Games & Synchs the New Radio?"
Visit iTunes to download Anita's 2012 Electronica album "Summertime" by Scarbrough & Benner - please rank & review on iTunes!
Fans make "Cupcake" tribute video after hearing it on Real World Cancun.
Over 20 TV & Video Game Placements Since 2009!